Former Sri Lanka Test bowler Nuwan Kulasekara Killed a man in road accident

The Sri Lanka fast bowler, Nuwan Kulasekara has been arrested for hitting a motorcyclist with his jeep on Sunday, 18 September 2016. According to the sources, the 28-year motorcyclist has declared death after colliding with the Jeep of Kulasekara.


The 34-year-old fast bowler who recently retired from the Test Cricket was soon arrested after the accident and was put behind the bar for causing the accident.

Although withing few hours, Kulasekara was released on bail as his lawyer immediately filed the bail procedure in the court and thus, he was released by the local Police.

Meanwhile, it will be unfair to blame anyone for this incident as there is a mix of statements are coming from the live witnesses and Sri Lanka Cricket Board.

The official of SLC told media wing that ” several inquiries were done and it is revealed that Mr. Kulasekra was returning from Colombo from Kandy when this unfortunate incident took place. The man on the motorcycle was coming from the opposite direction and to overtake a bus; the motorcyclist collided with the Jeep of Kulasekara. ”

The SLC are backing Kulasekara no doubt, but it will be unfair to comment on this incident without further inquiry. Meanwhile, a family has lost their young son and instead of giving attention of Kulasekara, one should try to console the family of deceased person.