Forza Horizon 3 for PC Launched for Windows 10 demo, Download now

Forza Horizon 3 for PC Launched for Windows 10 demo, Download now :- The game has the brilliant visuals and the technology used in it are making an extraordinary range of  car roaster available in the game. The demo of this game has been received for the off-road racing game by the Microsoft studios which can be downloaded from Windows Store. The demo version of the game requires disk space of around 21 GB. The minimum necessary requirements to play the game which is demanding for other titles on PC.


Forza Horizon 3 game requires in your PC at least 8 GB of RAM and an equally or more capable processor than 3.4 GHz is 3570. Your setup, in terms of graphic card, should have a graphic card equally or more capable than NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti or AMD R7 250 X.

Watch the Furious Video of Forza Horizon 3 Game:

The demo version of Forza Horizon 3 for PC as the company also listed that it has also added the HDR support which has been present with the full version of the game from day one to the Xbox One. The demo version of the game meant for players on the Xbox One S and those using an HDR display.


Forza Horizon 3 game has received a possible rating of 9 out of 10 rating in the review and termed as the vastly improved and polished installment Forza Horizon series. The PC version also supports resolutions up to 4K, it might be the best time to check if your system is ready for this monster.