Four Best Split ACs to Keep You Cool this Summer

Installing an air conditioner to tackle hot summer days has never been easier thanks to split AC units. With this type of AC, you won’t need to get into measuring the dimensions of a window or complicated ductwork because it only requires tubing and connecting electrical wires. So, you can install an air conditioner in any room in your house. Now, along with installing an AC, purchasing one has also become easier thanks to some great deals featured in the Bajaj Finserv’s Summer Sale.

The Summer Sale gives you the unique opportunity to buy a split AC on easy EMIs that suit your financial needs. The EMIs for a new and energy-efficient AC starts as low as Rs.1,999, catering to your budget with ease! Additionally, you can also enjoy an Insta Credit of up to Rs.5,000 when you spend Rs.20,000 and Rs.7,000 when you spend above Rs.40,000 when you shop during the sale until June 30th. This amount is credited to your Bajaj Finserv Wallet and makes your purchase even more budget-friendly!

This summer, you get an all-access pass to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. Here, you can choose from a million products such as home appliances, electronic gadgets, and other lifestyle goods which are available at the click of a button and come with easy-to-pay EMI plans, lucrative discounts and cashback offers. These products are sold by more than 60,000 vendors, both online and offline, and the network has a presence in more than 1,300 cities across India. If you want to shop online, you can do so using your EMI Network Card.

If you do not have an EMI Network Card, you can apply for one on the customer portal as an existing Bajaj Finserv customer. However, if you do not have an EMI Network Card and aren’t an existing Bajaj Finserv customer either, you can still shop at any of the partner stores and get EMI financing. Do this by availing in-store financing when you present your pre-approved offer or ask a representative for help.

Now that you know how you will pay for your split AC take a look at the top options that pose as the best choice for your cooling needs.

LG 1.5 JS-Q18KUZD Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

This LG split AC gives you superior cooling while also saving on energy. The Active Energy control in this AC helps you save up to 57% of energy. It also has a smart diagnosis system for efficient usage and allows you to solve any problems from the comfort of your smart phone with the LG Smart ThinQ app.

This AC comes with Dual Inverter technology, which gives you a higher cooling range than most other units without using up too much energy. It is also equipped with Ocean Black Protection technology and the Gold Fin condenser, which is anti-corrosive. This extends the ACs durability despite any pollution in the air outside, leaving you with fresh, toxic-free air in your home.

Voltas 1.5 Voltas All Weather Split AC

This Voltas split AC can cool even when there is sweltering heat outside. Its high ambient cooling feature can cool a room efficiently when the temperature outside is 50°C! An eco-friendly refrigerant ensures minimal carbon footprints by the AC. This Voltas split AC cools effectively even when the humidity levels are high, thanks to the Active Dehumidifier feature, which can sense how humid the room is and then cool accordingly. If you want to cool the room instantly, you can activate the Turbo Mode feature. The 100% copper coils ensure your unit lives a long and healthy life.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (P series)

Welcome to the world of precision cooling! With this Blue Star split AC, you can set the temperature down to the precise decimal you want the unit to cool down to. So, for example, most you can adjust the temperature of most other ACs by 1°C, which means from 25°C to 24°C. But with this Blue Star split AC, you can get even more accurate by lowering the temperature by 0.5°C to 24.5°C, for example. Since this split AC also comes with inverter technology, you can expect a noise-free, energy efficient unit, guaranteed to bring down your power bills. With seven advanced filters, you won’t have to worry about any outside pollutants harming your family as this AC blows out only clean, fresh air every time.

Godrej 1.5 Ton Split Inverter AC

This brand has been consciously introducing air conditioners that are eco-friendly, and this Godrej split AC is no different. It comes with an R32 refrigerant, one which has the most minimal impact on global warming while compared to other refrigerants. The cooling power of this refrigerant is quite remarkable and what’s more, it does not use up too much energy when the ambient temperature is higher than normal, unlike other ACs. This Godrej split AC also comes with an Anti-Microbial Self Cleaning feature, which means you won’t have to keep cleaning out the filters regularly, saving you some money on maintenance bills. The condenser’s anti-corrosive coating will ensure the AC works for a long time without succumbing to rust or corrosion.

These four split AC options are just some of the many available on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. However, if any of the ACs above have impressed you, here is what you need to do. First, check your check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. This will give you EMI financing up to Rs.4 lakh. This means, you can even consider buying other products on EMI.

To check your pre-approved offer, you will only need to fill out your name and mobile number. With these few details, you can not only access EMI financing, but also view customised loan offerings and tailored financial solutions designed to meet your needs. This makes way for expedited financing catering to your immediate financial needs.

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