Fred Meyer Shooting: No Injuries Found After Two Parties Shot Fired Outside Wood Village Store

Fred Meyer Shooting: No Injuries Found After Two Parties Shot Fired Outside Wood Village Store:- The shooting happened in Wood Village on 2nd September 2022 in the afternoon. This shooting was held near free Meyer Glisan and multiple vehicles came and shot at each other with the gun this news is now getting viral as people want to know the cause of this shooting and every detail and who gets affected by this shooting. If you are here to know more about this news so we have mentioned the information about this shooting. We have told you everything in this article you want to know, so, have a look in the next section.

Fred Meyer Shooting No Injuries Found After Two Parties Shot Fired Outside Wood Village Store CCTV Footage Video Photos Victim Cars Shot Images Updates Details

What Happened In Wood Village?

The shooting happened on 2nd September 2022 in the Wood Village in which two parties were shooting at each other continuously near the store and the vehicles which were there have a spot of gunfire. According to Police, they said that a person is detained because of whom this shooting happened and till now no arrest has been made as the police don’t have any arrest warrant for them. The neighbors said that they heard the voice of the gunshots and they closed the store and didn’t see what happened outside.

How Many People Get Killed In This Shooting?

When this shooting happened after listening to the gunshots everyone locked their doors and go back inside their homes. A store that was not closed at that time was only Pico Berry. So, there is not even a single person who got injured in this shooting so there is no need to worry as no one get harmed in this shooting. though the area is seized for further investigation. The store owner said that when he listened about the firing he didn’t understand what to do so he just locked his door inside and the store was open.

Is the Suspect Arrested?

So, for now, no arrest has been made as there were no CCTV cameras installed in the area and the Police are trying to see if the cameras if installed some distance away. Police haven’t found any clue as when the people called Police they all ran away. We don’t have updates on this news for now but we will surely update you when we get any confirmation on the same. Till then stay tuned with us for more updates & information on Business, Technology, Entertainment and many more.

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