Mexican Journalist Fredid Roman Shot Dead After Posting About Disappearance Of Student

Mexican Journalist Fredid Roman Shot Dead After Posting About Disappearance Of Student:- A murder happened on the Pacific Coastal in which a journalist named Frigid Roman was a journalist by profession and now he was killed after he released a column in his newspaper which is related to a sensitive matter. The next day he was killed after that column was released. If you wondering what he wrote in that column that he was killed. So, if you are here to know the information related to this news so we have shared the news in the next section. So, let’s have a look in the next section.

Mexican Journalist Fredid Roman Shot Dead After Posting About Disappearance Of Student Family Student Name Details Cause of Death Reason 2014 Case Explained Age

Who Was Frigid Roman?

He was between his 30-the 40s and he was a journalist by profession he had brought many crimes forward which was hidden by the people. He completed his graduation and holds a degree in journalism as he always wanted to be a journalist at a young age and he also completed his dreams but just because the few people who were afraid of him killed him because he share the news with people which they never wanted be get out. We have shared the column he wrote and because of that, he sacrificed his life.

What Happened In 2014 In Mexico?

Well, this incident took place several years ago in 2014 in which a total of 43 students gets disappeared police also investigated this case but found nothing. At that time president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the country pledged that he will reveal the truth about who vanished from the Iguala in 2014. But till now this case truth is not revealed and this case now again got famous due to him as he wrote the names of the people who were the part of this case. He mentioned that the local government is responsible for the missing students as this crime is now called a state crime.

How Did Frigid Roman Kill In His Car?

As he was in his car on 22nd August and going somewhere and some armed man came on their motorcycle and killed him with the gun. He died on the spot and as per information, there are more than 18 journalists who wrote this content in which three of the journalist are killed in just a month. Till now the armed man is not identified and police is now investigating in this to know the name of the victim who killed all the three journalists.

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