French Open

French Open 2016 Quarter Finals Results Djokovic Vs T. Berdych Match Preview Highlights Live Stream

The French Open League has been a sensation to this year and had been successful in its previous editions. The mens’s French open league has now reached to its Quarterfinal stage.


Novak Djokovic, who is best in the business has beaten Roberto Bautista and now booked his ticket for the Quarterfinals to be played on Thursday.

Djokovic tried his best to beat his opponent as quickly as possible but Roberto Bautista was really competitive and was ready to loose.

French Open 2016 Djokovic Vs T. Berdych Match

Although , Finally Djokovic has now in Quarterfinal where he will be up against  T. Berdych who will bring everything to defeat the World no 1 Djokovic.

Where Djokovic sealed the previous match which was finally abandoned at the end of the day.

Although In, the last ten  meeting between these two , Djokovic has the upper hand against  T. Berdych. Djokovic had 10-0 and in the overall meeting between both these players,  Djokovic has Slammed  T. Berdych with the margin of 23-2.

So , from the stat it is very that , Djokovic is the favourite for this match and it will be interesting to see how Berdych will prepare himself for this tussle.

Berdych has to prepare himself bot mentally and physically if he wants to reach to the next round . Although fans will be seen supporting the No 1 Djokovic .

French Open 2016 Novak Djokovic vs Tomas Berdych Match Prediction

The expectation from this match is not that much higher and according to reports, it is believed that Djokovic will be the who will win this match.

Pandits around the world are expecting that Djokovic will be the champion from this match but no one can underestimate Berdych.

This match will be gonna interesting and fans are keeping their eye on this match as they are expecting some more fun Djokovic .Djokovic had danced in his previous match and lets see what will he bring to this epic battle.

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