Funny Naughty Children Luxury Budget Task Bigg Boss 9 16th Nov 2015 Episode

Funny Naughty Children Luxury Budget Task Bigg Boss 9 16th Nov 2015 Episode : In the controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 9” tonight nomination to take place as we know this is Monday. Today all house mates find their inner child in the Luxury Budget task ‘Shararti Bacche‘. The people who are getting nominated tonight you will be getting to see it at 10:30 PM anyway. Now after the eviction of wild-card entry Puneet Vashisht the house-mates move into their normal life in the house. This week or tonight probably one of the contestant Mandana Karim to leave the show probably she will be saying final to the show in an emergency leave. We all watched that one of the participants Keith said by to the television show after the sudden unfortunate demise of his younger brother. It was his emergency leave for his family.

Funny Naughty Children Luxury Budget Task Bigg Boss 9 16th Nov 2015 Episode

Bigg Boss 9 16th Nov 2015 Episode

Now its Manadana’s turn but she will be forcefully leaving the show. From last week she is having ugly spat with every house-mates and majority of the housemates are having problem with her, although Rochelle is staying good with her.

Iranian model Mandana Karimi who is being matter of controversy in the last week as she had some conflict with Kishwer during the Highway task. In the weekend’s episode we saw how Salman Khan asked question Kishwer, Suyyash and Prince for their disrespectful behavior towards Mandana.

But the trio of the house including Kishwar, Suyyash and Prince stayed determined with their opinion. Last night episode “Bigg Boss 7” winner Gautam Gulati said that Mandana Karim is his favorite and she is enough to play the game alone.

But somehow in tonight episode Mandana will be losing her hope and she will be emotional. Moreover, she will be also burst with tears. She is totally falling in to sick; actually, from the beginning the model is feeling being targeted by the rest of the house.

From first week she is not able to coping up with the “Bigg Boss House” situation as well she is having ugly spat with most of the people. She even vomited, fainted now her physical condition will be bad. Doctor will be appearing and doctor will be asking her to leave the house as she needs to shift for the medical checkup. So, probably she will be leaving the house.

Tonight also it will be the “Luxury Budget Task” which will be starting tonight in which everybody participated but interestingly Rimi Sen denied from participating this “Luxury Budget Task” title – ‘Shararti Bacche’ task.

In this task a group of people will be declaring as the adult and they are holding the challenge to raise another group which turns out to be the Kid group (Bachcha Party).

“Bigg Boss 9” tweeted about their challenge, “Raising kids is challenging! Time for housemates to face the music tonight in ‘Shararti Bacche’ task. #BB9” – Bigg Boss 9 (@biggboss9).