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The Future of Gambling in the US

Two decades ago a few Americans heard about online gambling. Now it is one of the most speedily growing industries in the US entertainment market. Gambling in the United States is a highly dynamic issue. In 1999, over 250 websites offered bets on card games, sports events and lottery tickets only for the US residents. Now, its amount has exceeded 10,000.

The US gambling market: facts and figures

  • Over 65% of the US population is fond of gambling. Almost 48% of them are female gamblers;
  • Presently, everyone can legally place online bets in 44 states;
  • 26 states currently consider bills to expand DFS, online casino, and online lottery;
  • Lottery remains the key segment of the USA gambling industry (64% of total gambling revenue in 2016);
  • In the US, the income from online gambling is thrice higher than the proceeds from the Hollywood film distribution;
  • Utah and Hawaii states completely prohibit all forms of offline and online gambling;
  • Online casinos’ takings equal 19% of total online gambling industry income;
  • In 2016, gambling taxes gave more than 8.84 billion dollars in both local and state tax income;
  • 40% of adult gamblers in the US play at online casinos with their children at least once a week. They prefer slot machines, which are devoted to adventure themes or games with famous heroes of films or cartoons;
  • West Virginia, Washington, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, and Florida are very close to legalizing online gambling;
  • In 2016, online casinos in the USA earned more than 85 billion dollars;
  • In 2016, online casinos spent more than 80 million dollars on lobbying their interests in Congress.

Products to influence the future of gambling in the USA

Online gambling

Online gambling (casinos, poker, and sports betting) is almost the most popular type of virtual gaming in the USA. Every American state strives to regulate online gambling. So, in the following years, many online casinos will face with obligatory taxes. For example, in New Jersey, online casinos have already paid over 100 million dollars of taxes. Other states are coming soon!

Online lottery

Several states in the country have already adopted online lottery trades. However, the practice remains contentious. In future, numerous online lottery agencies will experience the need to encourage new clients, but controlling forces are resisting that novelty and stalling legislation.

Crypto currency gambling

With the advent of various digital currencies, more people have become involved in spending money at the US-based online casinos. Undoubtedly, bitcoin gambling is ranked first regarding audience reach among all other crypto currencies. So, in future, crypto currency users will be one of the most influential parts of the total online gambling audience.

Sports betting

A sports betting is nearly the last enormous frontiers of legislated gambling in the USA. Successfully, a future nationwide growth of regulated sports betting will instantaneously reform the landscape for business gambling.

Social casino

Social casinos are not gambling in its direct sense. However, so-called social casinos are usually regulated by the most reputable casino companies. Now this industry takes more than four billion dollars yearly. Experts suppose that the tie between real-money and social gambling will have been increased significantly by 2019.

Esports gambling

Esports gambling has been turning into the most promising online gambling type regarding revenues. Yearly, thousands of new gamblers in the United Stated choose Esports to place their bets. So, in future, Esports gambling will undoubtedly become one of the most involved and the richest gambling type. However, by the time it happens, the US government will have found the way to legalize and regulate it.

Online horse betting

Online horse betting is the most extensively available type of online gambling in the USA. Presently, online operators are seeking for absolutely new methods to take under credit any other ways to gaming on top of conventional horse betting, thus, attempting to encourage new clients. Experts state that placing bets on horse racing online in a year will be the leading type of gambling for mobile users (tablets, smartphones).


The US online gambling market keeps on growing. Online gambling followers will have the upper hand. The steady trend shows that more and more crypto currency casino will have been launched by 2018. In particular, bitcoin gambling will play the leading role. Notwithstanding the fact that only three states have already legally recognized online gambling in the United States, presently more American states have been discussing how to make the online gambling in the US more regulated. So, in future, they will do their best to legalize online casino work. Mississippi and California are the next states, which will probably legalize online gambling.