Galaxy Note 7 Passes Durability Test But Is Not Scratch Resistant

Galaxy Note 7 Passes Durability Test But Is Not Scratch Resistant :- How will you feel if you come to know that your Galaxy Note 7 may not be as resistant to scratches as it claimed; surprising right? It is quite strange situation in which all new Galaxy Note 7 has passes in the drop test where it was dropped more than 50 times on hard concrete. Even though Galaxy Note 7 entails better screen protection that is Corning Gorilla Glass 5 in comparison to Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which we have seen in Galaxy S7, it failed the scratch resistant test miserably.


Corning gorilla Glass may proclaim their new offering i.e Gorilla glass 5 to be highly shatterproof but it is exactly not scratch resistant. Youtuber Jerry   from JerryRigEverything took the test and it scratched the glass of Galaxy Note 7 with level 3 tool pick, he was performing this test to check the phone on “Mohs Scale of Hardness” and he showed us that the smart phone got easily scratched at level 3 only as opposed to Glass 4 that cleared level 5 as well.

What is Mohs Scale of hardness?

Friedrich Mohs who is a German Mineralogist devised a scale that could test the mineral hardness of a surface on the scale of 1 to 10. In the test rating “1” is for talc, “2” is for calcite, “3” is for Calcite, Fluorite, Apatite, Feldspar, Quartz, Topaz, Corundum and Diamond which is considered as the  hardest level.

Just for your understanding let us inform you that the normal coin takes the hardness level of “3” while your finger nails has the hardness level of 2.5 while a steel Knife has the hardness level of 5.5.

How to prevent you Galaxy Note 7 from scratches?

To prevent your handset from the scratches one has to use the additional layer which can be in the form of tempered glass (quite popular nowadays) or normal screen guards. Just put on the tempered glass and you are good to go, have the experience of world’s best smart phone without any tension of the scratches.

Even after fall it doesn’t break:

It’s a good news for all the fans who get scared whenever their handset falls. In a test conducted by Phonebuff, Note 7 was dropped for almost 50 times and it withstand all the falls with some mild some marginal cracks. Even after the 50 drops, Note 7’s touch screen kept on working fine.