GAMA Music Awards 2016 Winner List Nominations Performance Images Photos

GAMA Music Awards 2016 Winner List Nominations Performance Images Photoss : GAMA International Canada’s Management Awards were created to recognize the achievement of leaders in the financial services industry.

The GAMA Music Awards 2016 for the year of 2015 have been recently conducted on February 12, 2016, Zabeel Park, Amphy Theatre Dubai.

GAMA Awards is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in Tollywood Film Industry regarding Music Category.

GAMA Tollywood Music Awards winners list 2016. Category Wise. For the first time in the History of Telugu Cultural Era in UAE Tollywood Music Awards for Movie Industry Organised Great Function in Out Of India. AS we know Many peoples settled in Dubai From India.
Blockbuster movie of the year Baahubali bagged Best Movie award, Rebel Star Krishnam Raju was felicitated with Life Time Achievement Award. This year S.S. Rajamouli’s visual extravaganza Baahubali has won many awards in GAMA Music Awards.

GAMA Music Awards 2016 Nominations Winner List

GAMA Best Movie of the Year – Baahubali

GAMA Life Time Achievement Award – Krishnam Raju

Best Female Singer – Ramya Behara (Deewara – Baahubali)

Best Celebrity Singer – Lakshmi Manchu (Endiro – Dongata)

Best Title Song – Ramajogayya Sastry (Srimanthudu)

Best Lyricist – Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry (Vidwesham – Kanche)

Best Love Song – SS Thaman & Jonitha Gandhi (Nuvve Nuvve – Kick 2)

Best Duet Song – Karthik & Damini (Pachhabottu – Baahubali)

Best Upcoming Singer – Spoorthi (Kick 2)

Best Commercial Song – Devi Sri Prasad & Sravana Bhargavi (Super Machi – S/O Satyamurthy)

Best Poetic Value Song – Srimani (Choopulatho – Bengal Tiger)

Best Musical Song – Gopisundar & Renuka Arun (Endaro Mahanubhavulu – Bhale Bhale Magadivoy)

Best Upcoming Lyricist: Ramanjaneyulu (Love Cheyyala Vadda – Kumari 21F)

Best Upcoming Music Director – Bheems (Bengal Tiger)

Best Background Song – Anup Rubens (Gopala Gopala)

Special Jury Award – Chandrabose (Subrahmanyam For Sale – Telugante)

Best Upcoming Singer Male – Yazeen Nizaar (Charusheela – Srimanthudu & Seethakalam – S/O Satyamurthy)

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