GameX 2017: T20 Cricket Tournament of Internet Professionals

February 2017: Rumors were catching fire about a cricket match for all the professionals who hold stakes in the Internet Businesses.

March 2017: All the rumors were affirmed and a cricket match between two teams was scheduled for 6th August. The teams were Bloggers and Domainers. The venture was named DomainX and was majorly powered by The Sample Junction which is an online sample survey company.

August 2017: The match was played on 6th of August which was just after the day of the event of DomainX.High on energy, with strategic planning and witty decisions; Bloggers won the match fabulously.

Present Time: After the success of DomainX cricket match here comes another X factor gaming league between four teams in the month of October on 7th and 8th October named GameX. The event is powered by The Soofi.

Now, let’s get out of this Timeline and understand what actually GameX is? Well, GameX is a sporting and gaming event only for Professionals from Internet Community, remember it is unique and one of its kind all over India. The purpose is to bring out the professionals from their cubicles and increase their networks in actual while having fun with each other playing sports. The first event under GameX is the Cricket Match, later on there will be more sports coming in.

The event going to take place on 7th and 8th October is basically a cricket match between four energetic teams that are ready to give each other a tough competition on the ground.

The teams are: Team Bloggers (Winner of DomainX, we hope they maintain it), Team Domainers (The wounded tiger from the previous match, will be the most competitive one), Team Startups (new to the event but not new to the game, high on energy) and Team Entrepreneurs (New entrant but again competitive). Every team has their own sponsors and is owned by various reputed companies from the internet community.

There will be a total of 4 matches and the game is set up in Knock-out format. On the first day there are two matches and on the next day, there will be the final match then another match on the same day for the third runner-up position.

GameX Tournament Fixtures

7th October 2017:

First Match of the day 9:00 AM Team Domainers versus Team Startup


Second Match of the day 12:00 PM Team Bloggers versus Team Entrepreneurs



8th October 2017:

Final Match 9:00 AM Winner from 1st and 2nd Match of the previous day
Third Runner Up 12:00 PM Loser from 1st and 2nd Match of the previous day

The joy of the game does not just end here as the winner of this tournament will receive a cash award of 50,000 INR and obviously the fame. Man of the series will receive a prize of 5,000 INR, Man of the Match Final will be awarded 2,000 INR and Man of the Match from other matches, each, will be awarded 1,000 INR.  DDA Rohini Sports Complex, Rohini, New Delhi has been decided as the venue of this event, which is quite accessible and has a large ground.

Strategizing has begun already in individual WhatsApp groups and the practice sessions are going on, every team is trying to put their best for this match. The preparations are on their peak. Every team is busy in designing their jerseys and planning out things for the final day. We eagerly await the event to see who proves themselves on the judgment day.

Now let’s look into the details of the teams in detail along with the team members.

Team Bloggers

Owner: Dekh News

Team Manager: Ashish Aggarwal

Jersey Color: Yellow

Already mentioned yet worth mentioning, Bloggers were the champion of the last event DomainX and gave a tough beat to Domainers. The captain is working hard even this year to turn this game into a series of wins. Winning this match is crucial for Bloggers and if they do it successfully then obviously they are going to create a legacy for the upcoming matches. The hopes are high for bloggers and we hope they give their best shot this time as well.

The team is sponsored by GoDaddy Pro which is the leading marketplace for buying domains and getting hosting for websites. In the epoch when everything is online and showing your presence on the internet has become a must-have, GoDaddy is there to provide simplistic solutions to everyone, from businesses to personal website, GoDaddy has made it easier for everyone too. You can visit GoDaddy Pro and avail whopping discounts on Domains and web-hosting as their Diwali Offers are going on.

The Team Players are as follows:

Team Domainers

Owner: Reappoint

Team Manager: Navn Gupta

Jersey Color: Sky Blue.

The Team Players are as follows:

They are the competitor of team Bloggers from the event DomainX, after losing the game they must be practicing for giving a befitting reply to Bloggers. The players are domain consultants and domain name investors. Also, their owner is one of the most desirable domain name and web hosting agency in India. This wounded tiger is going to be a problem for everyone in this tournament. Beware!

Team Entrepreneurs

Owner: Peppy Traveller

Manager: Narender Chahal

Jersey Color: Red

The Team Players are as follows:

The clan has one of the most successful new age bloggers, domain investors, business owners, startups and the experts of their fields. The team is a new entrant in the event but the spirits of the team are high. High on energy and enthusiasm, these guys want to win every field. Don’t underestimate them this event.

Team Startups

Owner: Cake Cafe

Manager: Rohit Sharma

Jersey Color: Dark Blue

The Team Players are as follows:

They consider themselves elite and they are a team of guys who are there to make a dent in the world. Peppy and enthusiastic buddies are sure to give their best shot at the game. “Though a new entry, yet who knows the fate.” Their optimistic outlook and a positive demeanor are surely going to help them win the game.


Having been introduced to everything about GameX, we are certain that you guys can feel the vibes that the teams are feeling. Anyone who is willing to attend the team can buy the tickets from

The venue: DDA Rohini Sports Complex, Sector-14 Rohini, Near CRPF School, New Delhi -110085. Nearby Rohini East Metro Station


In the end, we would like to say that GameX is set to create a benchmark for all the other professionals on the Internet for introducing a new way to build networks and also bringing people out of their monotonous life. All the teams are excited and ready to be on the ground once again to feel the ambience & harmony among players. Let’s wait for the final day.