Gandhi Hospital: 21 patients died due to the power cut in the hospital

Hyderabad: On Friday, 21 patients died at the Gandhi Hospital. The staff of hospital have blamed the power cut for the deaths of patients in the Hospital. The state-run Gandhi Hospital with 1200 beds is under a cloud after the death of 21 patients.


On Friday, some of the deaths were of those patients who are on the ventilators and incubators in the neo-natal ward of the hospital.

The Superintendent in charge of Hospital, Professor CV Chalam said that each deaths would be probed to determine if any one of them is directly or indirectly links to the power cut.

He used his mobile phone torch to carry out an emergency surgery on a 28-year old man with an infected intestine, a senior doctor said.

Ambu-bags which provides hand-pressed oxygen to patient, were used on all patients who were on ventilators. According the report said that some of the attendants may have administered the gas incorrectly. This task is usually done by hospital staff, but was left to attendants of the patients.

The power supply in Gandhi Hospital was affected due to an internal problem in the electrical room of the hospital, said G Raghuma Reddy who is Chairman and MD of The Telangana Southern Power Distribution Company.

Firstly, the electricity tripped around 3 pm, then the electricity continued to do so at regular intervals. The short circuit took place while the hospital staff was shutting down the generators to switch over to power supply. The electricity was restored after an official 90-minute shutdown for repairs and maintenance in the hospital.

He said that the divisional engineer and his team found that the supply from our lines was up to the hospital. They checked the electrical room and spotted the problem. The supply was restored at night.