Ganga Slap Sagar! Gangaa 30th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series Ganga begins with Pulkit asks Ganga what happened. Why Palash come and left without saying anything. It is actually, Ganga made a mistake and for that Palash fired her and now Palash is in no mood to working with Ganga. And when Pulkit asked about the same to the Ganga, Ganga said this is something happened for which from now onward, Ganga is in no mood to work with Palash.

Ganga Slap Sagar! Gangaa 30th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Pulkit said to the Ganga anyway, think about your career and ficus on it and he leaved. Now Sagar come and looked on the Ganga, Ganga also looked on Sagar and eventually, they lost in each other’s eyes. But Sagar dare to asked to the Ganga, why she left her internship? She replies that she was fired. Are you happy now? He offers to speak to a big lawyer.

Ganga blame to the Sagar, you ruin my career but Sagar thinks that, from Palash you won’t learn more. Last night they had an argument about the same and that time, Jahnvi thought that time she can be come close to the Sagar. But in the morning, Jahnvi realised that, the Sagar and Ganga are having friendly conversation as Ganga left her internship.

Now Jahnvi thinks that, again Ganga will be coming close to Sagar, if she won’t work with Palsah, so I would make her to work with Palash now.

In the meantime, Jahnvi meets with Palash and make him realised that, Ganga is deserve to work with you as she won’t cheat on you because of the Sagar as Ganga is very honest and dedicated girl. And Palash influence with the words of the Jahnvi and now he call Ganga and Pulkit and said that he will be now working with her.

Ganga rush to meet with him, in the meantime, Jahnvi said to the Sagar, that Ganga ia aware, how to trapped rich people, when she failed to trapped you, now she is keen to trapped Palash and in order to trapped him, now Ganga is ready to work with him. Sagar scolded and shouted at the Jahnvi, as Jahnvi said so.

But when Sagar saw that Ganga is coming with Palash together and Sagar get jealous on seeing their proximity. He then have the echoed of the Jahnvi’s words on his head about Ganga, and Sagar thinks that Ganga is having some kind of the proximity with Palash.

And also in the road when, Ganga was attacked, and something about Sagar has been said in the court that Sagar is failed to present the case properly in the front of the judges. Palash thinks about it and said. Niru said that complain about Sagar comes from Palash, and I think it can’t be come without Ganga’s consent.

About this, Sagar thinks that, I won’t forgive you Ganga. You trusted Palash more than me. I did not expect this from you Ganga!

Precap: Sagar asks Ganga what kind of relationship she is having with Palash! Palash come there and raised his voice against the words of Sagar, Sagar insulted Palash and Ganga slap Sagar. Sagar is shocked!