Garmin Striker 5DV Fish Finder with Scanning Sonar and GPS

Fish finding becomes easier than ever with the striker 5DV fish finder that is equipped with GPS and Garmin CHIRP scanning sonar from DownVu. You just need to mark and return to your hot spots, boat ramps, and docks and share the favorite waypoints as well as the routes with the other striker and echo MAP combos available.

The smooth scaling graphics provide you with uninterrupted imagery while switching between the depth-range scales. The sonar history rewind of sonar will allow you to scroll backward through the sonar images to mark the waypoints that you originally may have missed out.

Observe the Fine Certainty of CHIRP

In spite of just sending a single frequency, the CHIRP accelerates a number of frequencies that range from low to high and then it interprets them upon their return individually. As the frequencies provide a wide range of information in details, the CHIRP sonar technology creates crisper fish arches with a larger target separation.

Point the Spots with High-Sensitivity GPS

Dissimilar to the older techniques of fish finders, the Striker fish finder uses high-sensitivity, built-in GPS instead of the navigational charts to find out your current position precisely and quickly, then maintain your GPS location track anywhere you go on the water.

The device allows you to mark spots where the fishes are actually biting so that you can return to them again in later. You need to follow the path that is created on your striker screen to return them whenever you want. The striker fish finders are capable of their functions more than anything else.

Combine the DownVu with Chirp

The Garmin DownVu sonar scanning device gives you a photographic image of the substances that pass up to 750’ underneath the water level. You can clearly see the structures, submerged objects, and fishes with greater clarity and visibility. The traditional CHIRP sonar and the CHIRP sonar and chirp DownVu scanning sonar are both combined into one specific transducer.

Check the Speed on Screen

You can easily see your own boat’s speed on your striker fish finder’s screen to check whether you are trolling at the right speed or not for the particular fish species.

Built-In Flasher

Whenever you opt for a stationary fishing, like jigging or ice fishing, your built-in flasher will help you see the bottom, whether it is muddy or solid, your weighted bait or jig, as well as the depth of the fish as when they swim into the sonar beam surrounding. This also allows you to watch how long your jig is being dropped or lifted and it also shows that whether the fish moved towards it or away from it.

What Do People Say About Garmin Striker 5dv?

People have been giving mixed reviews regarding the purchase of Garmin Striker 5DV. Most of them have purchased it with a big smile as they received the product just as they had expected. People love their new fish finder and have shown love towards this device by giving positive reviews and it is helping the customers and buyers to the extreme level.