Gautam Adani Refuted the Congress Charges on Him

Gautam Adani Refuted the Congress Charges on Him:- New Delhi: Recently, Congress targeted the billionaire industrialist Gautam Adani. Adani told that there is much more politics than logic behind the Nehru-Gandhi family led’s party critique of him.


He also said that the facts of Jairam Ramesh who is a congress leader, are not in a order. Adani told ET that As environment minister, Ramesh had cleared the mining project in Chhatisgarh and that was the last executive order of Ramesh before he demitted as environment office in the regime of UPA.

He said that Ramesh was totally wrong because the mine was not belong to Adani Group but the mine was related to Rajasthan Government and the Adani Group was only the mining contractor only.

He also showed the record that the mine was belonged to government of Rajasthan.

This happened when the Congress was in power in Rajasthan, it was no one but Ramesh himself at that time, said Adani in media.

Adani said that Congress Party want to show the nexus between Narendra Modi and Adani Group, had failed.

Adani also told an issue of Modi using Adani Group’s aircraft during election compaign in 2013-2014. On this issue Adani told that his conglomerate owns four planes and no one use them free, but any one is free to hire them. Adani said the Congress uses the aircrafts belonging to GMR Groups.

He also said that Doesn’t Congress use GMR aircraft on a commercial basis too? Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Why they are talking about only Modi? He is not taking Adani aircraft for free.

Gautam Adani is a Gujarat based industrialist, sectors ranging from Port to Farm products.

The industrialist spoke in detail about Congress charges that the Rs 200-crore fine for alleged environment damage hasn’t been paid by Adani Group and that Adani Group received special treatment for a mining project in Chhattisgarh.

Adani said that there is no legal basis to the fine that was recommended by a committee set up by the Congress-led government. Neither the previous nor the current government can actually implement the penal order.
Billionaire Adani said that even the last government, If they were keen and found the charges were true then why did they wait for more than nine months? When NDA(National Democratic Alliance) government came to power, they took a year to investigate the matter. They did not make a haste, they are not favouring Adani.