Gaya: Brutal Gang-Rape and Murder of 16-Year-Old labelled as Honour Killing

Gaya: Brutal Gang-Rape and Murder of 16-Year-Old labelled as Honour Killing: Well, reports are coming that the Brutal Gang Rape and Murder took place in Gaya with a 16 Year Old girl. Yes! A minor girl became the victim and was brutally raped and killed. Some sources are indicating that the whole thing was an Honour killing and two huge candle marches were organised in the city on 9 to 10 January. You all should know that the Gaya Police picked up the victim’s family on suspicion of honour killing. Overall, this whole brutal murder and rape case isn’t good.

Sources are indicating that the badly-mutilated body of a 16-year-old girl has found in the field. Also, the reports are coming that her body was lying 700 meters away from her house. Also, the reports are coming that she went missing on 28 December, 2018. She wasn’t found or came back home after she had left home to go to the local market. People are marching candles and protesting against the whole incident.

Also, a family member of the victim has approached to the local police after two days of her actual missing. Also, the have claimed that the police didn’t fired FIR and now finally they did. Even, some reports are coming that they have registered the FIR when family members approached the local media. You all should know that around 1,000 power looms operate in the area.

Also, the Powerful looms also protested against the brutal killing and they have kept it remained shut for third consecutive day. Overall, everyone is trying to make thing right and Buniyadganj police registered an FIR on 4 January but maintained a nonchalant attitude towards probing the whereabouts of the girl. Now, when they noticed that the media has given the attention to the matter they are trying to act mature. Overall, we are going to update you here.