Gayetri is Kidnapped! Krishnadasi 25th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Gayetru is Kidnapped! Krishnadasi 25th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- Where Some remarkable persons kidnap Gayetri and deliver her in a water container, they shut its door and causes water tap, one criminal tells quickly water will be loaded in the tank and Gayetri will be sunk in the tank.

Krishnadasi Today Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Today Episode Written Updates


Krishnadasi Today Episode Written Updates

Pavitra appears to Gayetri’s room and discovers the note where. She asks aaba and Shashwat and tells Gayetri is not in her place.

she gives a step to Shashwat, Shashwat tells it’s toward devdasi culture and its related to Kumudini, aaba gets irritated and tells Kumudini.

Before this incident where Shravani comes in the kitchen and thinks on the off chance that I get got then I will be gone, she sees Nakku considering floor.

she sees her in profound rest and applies lipstick on her lips, she listens somebody coming and covers up. Aradhya comes there and sees Nakku dozing and lipstick on her lips.

she coordinates it with glass lipstick, she awakens Nakku, Nakku says you devastated my rest, why you are gazing at me? ARadhya says what were you doing in store room?

Nakku says I didn’t go there, Aradhya says I discovered wine bottle from that point and this glass has same lipstick which you are wearing, let me know you drank there?

Nakku says you are stating anything, I will drink wine at this age? I have turned into your damnation that’s why you are affirming me?

put things from store space to lobby else I will be terrible for you, Aradhya leaves, Nakku says I never touched wine, she supposes aaba is not Sarpanch any longer she will get to be one.

God restrict that I ever touch wine, she leaves, Shravani sees this and says I got spared today yet I need to handle this rodent Aradhya.

Aradhya is picking things from store room, she is attempting to move furniture and says it’s so substantial yet I need to lift it up generally aaji.

she drags couch, Shravani comes there and says I will help you, she says no I will do it, Shraavani says I will help.
Kumudini comes there and says Aradhya Rao, your work was finished by Shravani and now you are taking her assistance once more? Shravani says sorry to learn that she is getting reproved as a result of her.

Kumudini says she is getting chastened due to herself, my fantastic child gives her pay, Aradhya says yes, I won’t do botch once more, Shravani says she won’t have the capacity to overwhelming furniture.

Kumudini says don’t talk with me, i thought you had conduct however now when you are contending with me, I question you have behavior, you are visitor here for four days.

simply leave after that, Shravani yet.. Aradhya says Kumudini is correct, I ought to do my work, Kumudini leaves, Aradhya says to Shravani that doesn’t contend with her.

she is mad by tongue however exceptionally blameless from heart, you don’t need to contend with her as you are visitor here.

Shravani feels that this oldie Kumudini is sharp yet I ought not to get on her terrible side till my work is not done.