Girl caught in bed with Bolt is widow of Brazil’s ‘bloodthirsty’ drug kingpin

Rio de Janerio: Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt spending a night with a Brazilian student is doing rounds on the internet, it has emerged that the girl is a widow of the bloodthirsty drug lord of the country ‘branded as ‘Dina Terror’.


As per a report of the Daily Mail that Jady Duarte had called herself a student, but in fact she was the widow of a violent drug lord. Jady Duarte, 20 years old, had two children with Douglas Donato Pereira, popularly known as ‘Dina Terror’, who was killed in a shootout with the police.

The kingpin was wanted for 10 years for drug-related violent crimes and he was shot dead by police officials in March 2016.

According to a report that she said that she was dying of shame. Duarte had shared her topless photographs with Usain Bolt on Whatsapp messenger.

In one of the photographs, Jady Duarte can be seen kissing Bolt. In another photo, the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is seen with his arms around her.

Duarte had also tweeted and saying that she did not know who he was until her friend told her, when she spent the night with the sprinter.

Jamaican Usain Bolt has not commented on the photographs. He was previously quoted saying that he believed cheating was acceptable.