‘Go’ Craze: Wanted Michigan man visits police station for ‘Pokemon’

‘Go’ Craze: Wanted Michigan man visits police station for ‘Pokemon’ :- A fresh new discussion by the new digital smartphone game “Pokemon GO” because of numerous people get too much interested to played this game on the stress and road like real world Where in the Detroit city, New-York where A Michigan guy with a license for his arrest has been obtained into charge later pointing up at a Detroit-area police station while he is playing the new digital smartphone game “Pokemon Go” game.

'Go' Craze Wanted Michigan man visits police station for 'Pokemon'

According to the Detroit area report, Where the Milford police gave the statement, A 26-year-old man who is wearing the simple pajama pants and there cycled a bike to the Milford station, Detroit city. All About Pokemon Go Success, Download Apk File, Impact on Server

Wanted Michigan man visits police station for 'Pokemon'

Furthermore, There in the Detroit area, Where the Police Chief Tom Lindberg given the statement in the press conference, He said, The police identified him as they had meeting with him in early years.

Where he was arrested on a warrant for abstaining a court date and issued And further according to from the Detroit-area newspaper where said, He is the totally changes from the starting to ending.

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