Google: Arts Project App allows you to match your Selfies with Famous Paintings

Google: Arts Project App allows you to match your Selfies with Famous Paintings: – If you are a Google Arts project app user then you all should all use it to find your Doppelganger for sure. As per the reports, the Google Arts project app now updates and it got a new feature which will help a lot in finding your Doppelganger.Yes, that’s 100% right with a new feature in Google’s Arts and Culture app that uses AI, you all can use this app for sure. The new app feature has gone viral and a lot of users tried the new feature just for fun. You all can use this app for fun and so many people are using it in numbers.

This new feature out recently allowed users to take a selfie, upload it and then match it with a doppelganger in one of several art museums worldwide. However, the new feature is only available in few locations now but it is rolling out quietly. We are sure that you all are going to love this new features because it offers so many good things.

“The update to the Google Arts and Culture App has catapulted it to the most-downloaded free app on the Apple App Store. It claimed the Number one spot in the US, according to the app metrics site AppAnnie,” Recode reported late.

As per the reports, the app uses computer-vision technology to examine what is similar about the user’s face to the thousands of pieces of art that are shared with Google by museums and other institutions. The tech giants are saying that this app is going to make you all amazed for sure. A computer won’t react like you do when you see that photo; a computer can be trained to recognize certain patterns of color and shapes. For example, a computer might be trained to recognize the common patterns.