Google Doodle represents Winter Solstice 2018 Or The Shortest Day Of The Year

Google Doodle represents Winter Solstice 2018 Or The Shortest Day Of The Year: You all should know that the Google Doodle is working very hard as they are keep on updating the Doodle. Today is the shortest day of the year and people also call it the Winter Solstice day 2018. Overall, to make this day an amazing historical event Google dedicated its doodle to it. Well, it’s that day today, and Google is reminding us just the same with a beautiful Google Doodle.

Some of you might already know that 21 December observed as the shortest day of the year and the longest night of the year too. Also, we have already told you that this event is commonly known as the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. People love celebrating it and it happens as our earth circles the sun, the North Pole angles farthest away from the sun today. You all should know that things are different for the Southern Hemisphere, where the same day is observed as the Summer Solstice.

It is a great day to enjoy with friends and family. You can say that it is a historical day and you can find the sun at its lowest position throughout the Northern Hemisphere sky. People are celebrating this day since a very long time and it isn’t really a big event for people yeah it is something. In some countries, people enjoy it as a festival and it is known as the different names.

Google writes in its doodle blog, “In Ireland, people gather days before the solstice at Newgrange – a massive gravesite that’s more than 5,000 years old. Crowds selected by lottery wait for a chance to see the sunrise light up the ancient passage tomb. Also, we have seen that at Stonehenge, crowds of people come together to celebrate this amazing day and the moment when the sun directly aligns with the famous stones.