Google is planning to launch Two Smartwatches in 2017

Google is planning to launch Two Smartwatches in 2017 :- In the new year, the tech giant – Google is planning to launch two android wear smartwatches in the year 2017.  In a recent interview, the product manager of Android Wear at Google confirmed. According to Jeff Chang, Google will not directly go into manufacturing these devices.

The search engine giant recently branched out into hardware will instead have tie ups with reputed electronics firms for the same. Recently, Google started the Pixel Phones and the Smart Home Speakers which are driven by Google Assistant. Now this online giant will develop Smartwatches that are driven by Android Wear.

Tech gian – Google has gone the Nexus way in order to market the new brand Smartwatches. Till now, there is no information about the maker of the google smartwatches. The new branded two Android Wear Smartwatches will support for Android Play as well as Google Assistant and will showcase the Android Wear 2.0 software.

The final Developer Preview of the two android smartwatches is all set for launch in the month of January 2017. In the month of July 2016, there were rumors about Android Wear Smartwatches. The most popular and largest search engine giant Google will have to convince its consumer base on the Android Wear Smartwatches demand.