Google Maps: 7 biggest features Google Maps that Indian Market first

Google Maps: 7 biggest features Google Maps that Indian Market first: You all may know that Google Map is one of the most appreciated services in India or all around the world. You all know that Google has been keeping updating this service and making it user-friendly as it is a big service with millions of users. You all should know that India is one of the key markets of Google Maps and to make it easy for people, there are several India-first features in Google Maps which you may not be aware of. Yes! The company launched some extra features for India first. Here, we made a detailed list of these 7 features which are only available on Google Maps India or for Indian people.

Google Maps: 7 biggest features Google Maps that Indian Market first

Two-Wheeler Mode-

Well, Google Launched the Two-Wheeler mode for its Indian users last year. The Bikers/Scooter based feature comes in addition to other existing options such as driving, walking, and public transit modes. Overall, it is an exciting offer for Indian users as well as for the people who are seeking for something like that. Even, this option will show you the ‘shortcuts’ as well, and these are separate from the four-wheeler vehicles way.

Offline Mode-

Now, you all should know that the company already launched the offline mode for the Indian users. Well, this is a very helpful option if you are looking for something which works without Internet or Network. You all are going to love this option even you love it.

Smart Address Search-

By this option, you all can find your location even though you don’t know the exact location. After searching for it in Maps, it will show you a nearby landmark. The aim for this is to make you reach as close to the destination as possible.

Add an Address-

This is one of the most appreciated features of the company. In case, you find any address which isn’t on Map. You can add it to this option.

Customized Google Maps-

Last Year, Google Maps in India got a customized home screen which is easy for the Indian users. They can control their screens as they want and that’s even great. The new home screen brings all the important features up front for users so they can quickly look at directions.

Metro Rail-Tracks-

Well, last Year Google parented with metro and railway authorities in India to give users something more than routes. Now, the users can check fares, connectivity, timings and more by using Google map.