Google Maps new update 2016 as ‘add a place and ‘suggest an edit’

Google Maps new update 2016 as ‘add a place and ‘suggest an edit’ :- Nowadays, Google maps and Google search are used to find the right ways to reach the destinations. Sometimes, we may not find the point of location which is searched by us like restaurants, shops, or other stores. So, the Google make a huge difference in this regard and help us in a better way to locating the places and landmarks we needed.


Now, Google has made it easier for users to ‘add places’ or ‘suggest edits’ in Google Maps on your Android or iOS devices or through Google Search results. The aim is to further obtain the information about businesses and landmarks across the world. The users have access to updated information.

By adding these updates, the search giants Google wants to provide a deeper understanding of places. Now users can add and edit the details about the location on Google Maps.

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Sometimes we search a restaurant with its location and operating hours, but we can not find out about the food, services, quality, seating arrangement and much more. But now we do this through new updates of Google Map and Google search.


One can add or edit the place and can add more information about that place like quality, food, cuisine, seating arrangement and much more.

Users will be notified and will also be given the ability to verify them, if a place has suggested edits that are pending. Users can verify information on Google Maps for Android, and iOS devices.

Nirav Mehta who is Google Maps and Local Search Product Manager said that the new updates let people who are familiar with their neighborhoods help provide accurate, reliable information about their favorite place. Now users will get an even better information of the changing world around us by using the new updated Google Maps and Google Search.