Google Maps removed Uber integration on Android app

Google Maps removed Uber integration on Android app: Well, you all should know that earlier last year, Google Maps announced integrations with ride services like Uber making it easier for users to book a ride directly from the navigation app. Now, the things aren’t looking easier for the Uber as they don’t have that kind of benefit anymore. Reports suggested that as the feature was disabled for Maps on iOS last summer and now they are planning to remove it from Android. You all should know that Google or Uber didn’t say anything officially about the removal of Uber integration from Google Maps.

You all should know that a report is pointing out that an Alphabet’s venture capital business large investment in Lyft could likely be the reason that integration was removed. The move could also be triggered by the Waymo IP theft case, which seems to have strained relations between the search giant and Uber. Some sources are saying that the Google isn’t looking quite happy with the Uber Company’s employee of stealing trade secrets from it before he was ‘poached by his new employer.’

You all should know that lawsuit finally settled in February this year with Uber asked to pay Google’s Waymo $245 million ‘equity payout’ along with an agreement of not to use Waymo’s trade secret and confidential information. Also, some reports are coming that Google’s integration with Uber allowed users to book, complete their ride and pay for it without leaving the Google Maps app. You can say that a feature was amazing and it is going to make you all feel amazed.

You all should know that earlier the function did work if a user does not have Uber installed on their device. Now, users are reportedly only able to see the estimated cost of Uber rides in Maps which is surely going to affect the business a lot. People can also search for a route on the Map, but they will have to open the Uber app to request and book rides.