Google Stadia: A latest gaming platform, Here’s the list of its essential details

Google Stadia: A latest gaming platform, Here’s the list of its essential details: This is a new world and new generation, including the technology too. Well if we talk about the gaming platform then “The future of gaming is not a box”, as per Google. With the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo presiding the $180 billion industry for years, Google wishes a part of the pie with its latest Stadia gaming platform.

Google Stadia chief predicts the cloud will be the game console of the future

Google is taking a diverse line to the hardware-driven space as its new Stadia is totally cloud-based for end operators. Leveraging its robust cloud ecosystem and high-end data centres, Google Stadia purposes to make consoles to let go completely.

Google talked about its new platform, earlier known as Project Stream at the on-going Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Fransisco,

Google has recently also launched its own controllers that totally power and control the new Stadia platform.

What is Google Stadia?

Stadia is basically a cloud gaming service in development at Google which is known to be in development as Project Stream. From the time when the game is hosted on Google’s servers, only the graphic feedback from the game is streamed to the player’s computer, through the company’s Chrome browser.

How does Google Stadia work?

As stated above, Google Stadia doesn’t need operators to spend in a new console. In its place, users can play graphic-inetnsive games on-the-go on devices that has active internet acquaintances. In the back-end, you’re basically streaming content from Google’s data centres. Principally, you don’t have to download an update or else any application and just begin playing a game.

Google at its GDC sample showed that Stadia is well-suited with phones and laptops as well as even with Chromecast Ultra.

Google Stadia is also a sort of twitch as it lets players to stream along with watching games on YouTube. As projected, there’s also combination with Google Assistant and additional necessary Google applications.

Connectivity Necessities

Stadia operators are going to be able to stream games in 4K resolution with more than 25Mbps internet connection. Google’s latest service at present works only on Wi-Fi. The company targets to create the service well-suited with 5G network as well. Also, the optional Stadia controller operates with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Technical details

Google has assured to disclose further details about its gaming platform later this year. At present, it has stated that Stadia is capable of streaming games at up to 4K HDR at 60fps as well as it surround sound at the time of release. In the coming days in future, Google Stadia will be able of streaming at up to 8K resolution at 120fps.


At present, Google Stadia doesn’t have a huge list of well-matched games. Operators will be able to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as well as Doom Eternal for now. Well, for now it is not confirmed that when it will launch in India.


Initially, Google Stadia is going to be launch in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. The company is going to share further information about the list of games that the users will be able to play with Stadia later this year.