Google starts testing Assistant in Chrome for Ticket booking

Google starts testing Assistant in Chrome for Ticket booking :- According to some recent reports, Google has reportedly started testing a brand new feature for Chrome that controls its Assistant-based automation engine, Duplex.

Google starts testing Assistant in Chrome

The report shave been released from 9to5 Google and it states that the company seems to be rolling out the voice-based reservation system for movie ticket booking in Chrome.

Last year too, Google has made waves when it introduced Duplex, its Assistant-powered tool which was able to place phone calls in order to make reservations. Now, at the present, the futuristic feature started as a small test in advance of rolling out to most US states, as well as at Google IO previously this year, the company declared that it would be expanding Duplex in order to offer web-based AI assistance too.

At the present, that expansion has already started testing, as well as select Chrome users in the US that can try using Duplex in order to help book movie tickets.

The Duplex option is also going to be accessible when you are looking for showtimes. Supported screens, on the other hand is going to show the Google Assistant prompt to ‘Buy tickets’ for a speedy ticket booking.

Google New Latest Update

As per to the reports by Android Police, if you’re a part of the test then when you look up show times for a movie in Chrome you are going to see the common options in order to book tickets at several theatres and more a new addition.

Theere will be a “Buy Tickets” button with the Google Assistant logo which is going to designates that Duplex is now accessible. After that if you click it, you will be taken to the movie theatre’s website but also with an Assistant overlay which on the other hand automatically fills your saved data like contact information as well as payment informations.

On the other hand, you will still need to cooperate with the website in order to enter how many tickets you want as well as to select seats, but at the same time most of the other fields are also filled out for you.

In the meantime, the feature is reportedly working with AMC as well as Fandango theatres that are located in the US, and are going to be probably making light work of booking other services something like renting a car in the near future and other related services like that.