Google’s Duo Video Calling App: Will take on FaceTime, Skype & Facebook Messenger

Google’s Duo Video Calling App: Will take on FaceTime, Skype & Facebook Messenger : The video chatting app of Google with ‘Knock-knock’ feature has arrived. The app, dubbed Duo, represents the response of Google to other popular video calling options, including Facebook’s Messenger app, Microsoft’s Skype and Apple’s FaceTime.


The Google’s – Duo is not much different from the other video chatting apps, but Google gives a new feature to it. The new feature helps the recipient to decide whether to answer or to know about who is making the call. Google calls this feature, “Knock, knock.”

The new app was announced in May. The new app is being released Tuesday as a free service for phones running on the Apple’s iPhones and Android OS of Google.

Like FaceTime for iPhones, Duo only requires a phone number of a person to connect. Many other services require both participants to have account logins to use their video-calling options.

For several years, Google has been offering video calling through its Hangout feature, but the internet company Google is now sewing that service for business meetings.


The Google app, Duo is being build as a simpler, more easy way to see family and friends as you talk to them.

Google owned by Alphabet Inc. It is the first of two new mobile apps that Google has planned for this summer. The Mountain View, California, company also is preparing to unzip a new messaging app called Allo. The new messaging app – Allo will be featuring a robotic assistant that will suggest automated responses to texts.