Goons shoots aryan! Krishnadasi 6th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Goons shoots aryan! Krishnadasi 6th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The latest track of the TV series Krishnadasi is all set to showcase a huge melodrama in which Abba Saheb will be seen pushing Aryan from the back in the house.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

In the last episode of Krishnadasi, it has been shown that that Aryan asked Kumudini that why she called an advocate. Kumudini says as Abba ruins her life and Abba deserve this. Aryan tries to explain to her that hatred can bring only hatred.

Now Aryan had an encounter with Abba Saheb and Aryan pushes away Aabha Saheb while he was trying to take back his stick, but because of this push he was about to fall but Aryan holds his hand and supports but he pushes him away. Abba is angry as Aryan’s Nani called a lawyer for the auction of the house.

Now Abba asked to Kumudini that how you dare to threaten me and how you dare to come in my house. I can throw you out from here but Kumudini said that I did not threaten you; I am actually going to ruin your life as well I will auction your very prestigious Rao mansion.

Kumudini challenges Abba Saheb that now a Devdaasi will be showing tantrum to the Rao family. Aaba was confident that nobody can harm him or his position and will unable to even make him guilty of shouting over them. Tulsi discuss the same with Chima Ji about the same and Chima Ji looked on.

Arayan and Aradhya decided to keep them par apart from this conflict and all that and they decided to reunite by leaving the family behind.

Aradhya does the Aarti in the house of Kumudini and when Chimaji was consulted by the Minister he tells that he has fallen in love with Tulsi when they were young but I won’t be able to confess this to anyone because of my position and now he realizes that he has done injustice with her. I have to accept her as my wife.

Now Abba Saheb again has an encounter with Aryan and Abb Saheb shows him the gun but Aryan diod not care the same. Now Abba throws him away and put a gun on him, and blames him for his restlessness in his life.

Kumudini, Aradhya, and Tulsi come there suddenly and shocked to see that Abba Saheb put the gun on Aryan. But Aryan warns him to stay away from the Devdaasi family unless Aryan won’t leave him. Abba is shocked with the threatening of Aryan.