Gopi enters Dharma’s Room Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 14th April 2016 Written Update

Gopi enters Dharma’s Room Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 14th April 2016 Written Update : The soap opera “Saath Nibhana Sathiya” started with Ahem is crying as the police took Meera to the custody. Kaaki Saa call Prem and asked to take care of the Ahem, apart from the consoling her as the Kaaki Saa is aware that now ahem is very depressed. Meera and Gopi discussed that it is Gaura did drama then, afterward Gaura get fainted.


Saath Nibhana Sathiya Written Updates

Sudennlt it is has been witness by Shravan and he tries to insults Kokila and Gopi but Gopi scolded her. Vidya is sitting in her room and only thinking about Shravan and crying. Kaaki Saa noticed this and became sad but Sona appeared there with Suji Ka Halwa.

Sona said to the Kaaki Saa that she prepares Suji Ka Halwa for the Vidya as Vidya loves Suji Ka Halwa and being pregnancy the women need to eat what she likes to eat. Kaaki Saa impressed with her and makes sure that Vidya will be feed her the Suji Ka Halwa as since morning Vidya did not have anything.

Now Sona went in the Vidya’s room where she sees that Vidya is having some quality time with her brothers Tolu and Molu. Sona also joined them in order to have some fun with them. Sona also said to the Vidya that it is Jeeja Jee’s wrong that she hurt you.

Sona also said if Saahir did something like that with me, I will beat Sahir and Sahir holds Sona to have some eye contact and the scene makes Vidya thinking about Shravan, how Shravan used to holds her. But Sona went towards Vidya and said that Sona prepared this Suji Ka Halwa for Vidya and Vidya needs to finish that. Sona feed Vidya and Vidya have the meal.

Meanwhile, in the Suryavanshi house, Kokila and Gopi get to know something fishy about Gaura that Gaura fainted as regularly she did blood donation on this age. It is actually the doctor told to the Shravan and Kokila and Gopi hear all to get shocked. Now Kokila and Gopi said we must find out the reason why Gaura did so.

As if we get to know that the reason of the Gaura’s blood donation we can reach to the final mission of us. Kokila gives her nod. Sharavn is worry for the Gaura. Niayaa is too. Kokila and Gopi are busy planning their next step.