Gopi To Saved Vidya’s son! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the last episode of the TV series “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” it has been shown that a lady claims Vidya son because of promise. Durga continues telling about their encounter when because of this Suryavanshi family she losses her son. Durga reveals that she has cut her finger and promised Devang’s family she will be giving Shravan’s son the Kadambari.

Gopi To Saved Vidya’s son! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

But Kadambari says she wants assurances of the fact that she will be having the Shravan’s son as she is in no mood to believe the Suryavanshi family. The Kadambari says till now Vidya is pregnant it is Naiya will be staying in the Suryavanshi house and will look after Vidya’s unborn kid. Now Kadambari starts counting the day that how much days it is Vidya will be staying pregnant and for the 9 months it is Naiya will be staying here.

But Vidya is in no mood to give her child to the Naiya as it is first child of the Vidya and it is the first time Vidya is blessed to be mother. Now Gopi decides to convince Kadambari to let go the Vidya’s kid as Gopi can’t able to see her daughter Vidya in the pain. When Gopi decides to speaks with Kadambari, it is Dharam warns her that they are very risky woman and they can tortures you.

As well Dharam makes Gopi beware and asked her to stay away from these ladies as they can press the gun trigger anytime taking your life. Gopi remains strong and tells them to stay away from Vidya. Gaura cries in front of Kokila that she lost her brother long ago because of this Kokila and now perhaps the Suryavanshi family will again lose their grand son who is right now sleeping in their daughter in law Vidya’s stomach.

Gaura fumes on the anger on this Modi family as well on the Kokila Modi and now Guara promised to herself that if anything will be happening with the Vidya’s unborn kid she will not either forgive Kokila Modi as well she will be seeking revenge from the Kokila Modi.

But with these all tensions it is Gopi compels Kadambari to leave the Suryavanshi house and with this Kadambari makes promised to the Suryavanshi family that she will be coming back when the kid will be coming in this world.
Kadambari also speaks about the Naiya’s charector that Naiya is a young girl and can fall in love with anyone. Dharam and Suryavanshi became angry to listen this about his daughter Naiya!