Grand Final! AFL 2016 Swans vs Bulldogs Live Streaming Highlights Result Winner

Grand Final! AFL 2016 Swans vs Bulldogs Live Streaming Highlights Result Winner :- The moment has come as one of the most awaited finals of Australian Football League is just a few hours away from kicking off. The AFL which is one of the pre-eminent professional competition of the Australian calendar.


The AFL 2016 has seen numbers of thrillings matches that had increased the adrenaline flow in the vein of the fans of the AFL. After the long tournament, the teams that are reached the final are Western Bulldogs and the other one is Sydney Swans.

Sydney Swans and Western Bulldogs will take each other for the final on October 1, 2016, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Although both these teams are total mismatches and prior to the tournament, the experts have never thought that these both teams will make to the final. But, no one can take the credit from both these teams as they reached the final after showing determination and hard work in the group stages game.

The first finalist ‘Western Bulldogs’ is a professional Australian rules football club which won nine premierships in the Victorian Football Association (VFA).

This club has won one VFL/AFL premiership, in 1954, and managed to claim the spot in the final of AFL in 1961 and now in this year. Well, it is quite clear that the Western Bulldogs will give their everything to win the title of AFL on Saturday at the Melbourne Cricket ground.

On the other side, their opponent Sydney Swans get their recognition since the South Melbourne Football Club was relocated to Sydney in 1982. The Sydney Swans is one of the first clubs to be outside of the victoria.

Sydney Swans is one of the most consistent teams in the history of AFL. According to the reports, the Sydney-based team has played beautifully in last 25 years and it is proved as they managed to reach the finals for the three times after 1995. This year the reached final and now, will look to secure a comfortable win and make a history.

Starting times for those watching around the world:

United Kingdom: 5.30am, Saturday

Europe: 6.30am, Saturday (western); 7.30am, Saturday (eastern)

USA: 9.30pm, Friday (west coast); 12.30am, Saturday (east coast)

Dubai: 8.30am, Saturday

New Zealand: 5.30pm, Saturday

Thailand: 11.30am, Saturday

Japan: 1.30pm, Saturday

Bali: 12.30pm, Saturday


Sydney Swans has an edge over Western Bulldogs and they are favorite to win this match.