GTA VI: Release Date, News and Rumors, Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer, Characters

GTA VI: Release Date, News and Rumors, Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Characters :- GTA VI is perhaps the most awaited title of all time especially after the great success of its predecessor GTA V. However, Rockstar games have not publicized much but there are many leaks which have surfaced on the internet owing to the sheer build-up and excitement surrounding this game.

GTA VI: Release Date

As per to the Steven Ogg, the man who brought Trevor to life with his voice, has also stated that fans can expect the Grand Theft Auto VI to come out soon before their time expectation.

A lot of rumours have surrounded the game but this piece of data given out by Steven Ogg seems to be the most credible affecting to the release of the game. on the other hand, Steven appeared in a question and answer session which was held at Brazil Games show 2019 where he stated by revealing that the GTA VI is going to be “out soon” and in addition he also added that  “Video games are usually developed between seven to eight years — you do the math”

GTA 6 Leaks & Rumors

On the other hand, Steven Ogg is also directly involved in the development of GTA VI as well as it is surely bound by a non-disclosure agreement as a detail of his contract but at the same time such comments allude to excitement among the vast majority of fans who are keenly awaiting for the release of the game.

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In the meantime, a new set of consoles are all set to roll out in the year 2020 as well as it is also rumoured that GTA VI is going to be accompanied by the Playstation 5 which was declared by Sony on October 8th.

However, there is no official word revealed from Rockstar Games and it is still awaited but at the same time, leaks and rumours suggests us to believe that an additional instalment in the iconic Grand Theft Auto series is on its way.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer

We will be updating every new report or updates regarding GTA 6, so stay tuned for more exciting latest news and updates.