Guatemala Presidential Election Updates; Former First Lady Leads In 1st Round Of Voting

Guatemala Presidential Election Updates; Former First Lady Leads In 1st Round Of Voting: Guatemala’s presidential election is ongoing and so far the results are coming out positive for the Torres as she got to lead. She is leading no doubt but she needs a long short to complete the majority which is needed to avoid a second round against a conservative rival. Sources are saying that the whole result of Guatemala City will be out till 17th June 2019.

Also, the reports are coming that 42% of polling stations were indicating that the first lady was winning the election easily. Also, you all should know that Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei winning with 15% the electoral. You all should know that the 19 candidates, but not many of them were appeared to be headed for a second round of voting on Aug. 11. Also, the reports are coming that the result will be out around midnight today.

Today it is going to be clear that who is going to be Guatemala’s next president. Whoever will win has to face the daunting challenge of curbing drug gang violence that has ravaged the country and helped spur illegal immigration. Overall, the winner also has to look forward to calming down the situation with the United States which is stoking tensions with President Donald Trump. So far, it is clear the Torres is making a good winning even though she has some high negative ratings about the issue.

Overall, she might struggle a bit to win a direct run-off if supporters of the many right-of-center candidates unite against her. Also, the clear majority isn’t looking for anyone even in third place we have  Edmond Mulet with 12.11% support, a former U.N. official whose conservative candidacy gained traction in recent weeks. Torres, who wants to send troops into the streets to fight drug gangs, and use welfare programs to tackle poverty, extended a hand to Guatemala’s business elite when voting on Sunday.