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Guatemala Volcano 73 Killed & 200 are missing; President declares 3 days of national mourning

Guatemala Volcano 73 Killed & 200 are missing; President declares 3 days of national mourning: Well, you all should know that Guatemala’s Fuego volcano is being the big problem for the local people and around 200 people are missing and at least 73 people were killed since the Fuego volcano began erupting over the weekend. The number of dead people can be increased even though the officials took the charge and immediately started rescuing the people and shifting them away from the volcano. Also, the situation will be under control soon.

As per the reports, seven communities in already devastated areas were evacuated as the volcano’s activity increased, with rescue operations halted. In the city of Escuintla, near the summit, panicked locals rushed to their cars to escape, causing chaotic traffic. Also, the reports are coming that the people saw the ash rise into the sky and then they started getting panicked about the situation.  Also, the reports are coming that police are trying to work out and they are calming the reaction.

Also, a lot of people died because of the lava flowed down the Volcan de Fuego in Escuintla, Guatemala. Sources are saying that 192 people remain missing since the weekend eruptions, disaster relief agency chief Sergio Cabanas told reporters. Sources are saying that the search for bodies started in mountain villages destroyed by the eruption was progressing slowly.

Also, the official said, “We will continue until we find the last victim, though we do not know how many there are. We will probe the area as many times as necessary.” Some reports are saying that “If you are trapped in a pyroclastic flow, it’s hard to come out of it alive,” Also, the official added that people who may have been caught in the flow may never be found. The latest of the 73 victims was a 42-year-old woman who died in hospital having lost both legs and an arm in the eruption.