Gujan-Mestras Accident Video Viral On Social Media, Fatal Accident Marine Neighbor

A very harsh and serious accident happened at a house in Gujan Mestras where two women of age 46 and 48 passed away after being met with an unexpected accident in the middle of the night on Saturday. The accident was so dangerous and tragedic by which the women were died at the spot on their bed and died in their house which is in Gujan-Mestras. After the Accident Gujan-Mestras, the neighbours call the police and informs them about the whole accident which happened at the place and after some time, the police along with ambulances and emergency services reached the spot to find the cause of the accident and to rescue the injured persons who were involved in the accident. After reaching the spot they found that the women are lying on the bed and both of them died at the spot. Stick with us to collect all the updates and information about the accident.


The whole accident took place at the Gujan-Mestras in the middle of the night at around 1:30 AM on Saturday where a 19-year-old drunk driver moved off the street and smashed into the wall of the home and the wall is just attached to the bedroom. The truck straightly smashed into the bedroom wall and run over the women who were lying on the bed and they died at the spot and leaves the world before taking them to the nearby hospital. The neighbour heard the sound of the accident and rushed from their house to check the whole matter that happened at the place.

Gujan-Mestras Accident

The neighbours then call the police and inform them about the whole situation then police along with emergency services reached the spot and find the dead bodies of the women and they took them to the hospital for the further investigation process. According to the statement of the police in which they stated by an official statement that the truck overtaking a T-shaped junction, and then the driver of the truck loses his control on the vehicle with this, he hits the sidewalk with street furniture and then the walls of the house’s bedroom where two women of age 46 and 48 are resting and with this, they passed away immediately.

The police arrested the truck driver and he is in the custody of the police on Saturday afternoon after receiving treatment and this incident shocked everyone who loved nearby places and pays homage and respect to the deceased of the Accident Gujan-Mestras. Stay tuned with us for more updates about this.

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