Gujarat BJP Leader Arrested For Molesting With 13 Year Old Girl In Flight

Rape is the common crime in recent times, women are getting raped and sexually harassed. Everyone talks about equality and women protection, but what when , if politicians whom we select by voting will start being accused of crimes like Rape and Molestation.


The recent news arrived of a BJP politician Ashok Makwana, who is accused of molesting a 13-year-old girl. On Tuesday, a special court POSCO has sent the main suspect to custody till June 2.

Gujarat BJP Leader Ashok Makwana

Girl’s parents have already registered FIR against the BJP leader on Tuesday.  The court asked the Police Department for the remand of the accused politician and also asked to complete all the legal identification procedures.

The Sardarnagar police arrested the Makhwana in Gandhi Nagar. Makhwana is accused of molesting a girl, who was travelling back from Goa to meet her relatives.

According to the sources , Makhwana was travelling along with the same girl in the same flight. Although they had different seats, but Makhwana exchanged the seat with  his friend who was earlier sitting next to  the victim.

Girl informed her parents about all the incident and her father who used to work for a private the Bank has registered the FIR on 29 May 2016.

Makhana will be charged under the section of 354-A of IPC which is a Sexual Harassment charge  and other sections like  11 and 12 of Protection of Children of Children From Sexual Offences Protection act.

Meanwhile, Makwana’s lawyer stated that Makwana is suffering from an air disease and was sleeping all the time in the Flight.

Makhana is associated with BJP party for a long period  of time. It is also confirmed by the Mahendra Patel who is the president of Gandhinagar unit.

Mahendra Patel also cleared that Makwana was offered the post of Vice President of City unit, but he refused the offered mainly because of his busy schedule.

And now he is not holding any position in BJP party. He is not working for BJP currently.

Although, we can only wait and see what will be the outcome of this case.

Will Victim get the justice or like any other high-class cases, this case will also be closed with the bunch of files.