Gujarat: Teen injects 13-year-old girl with anaesthesia, rapes her

Gujarat: Teen injects 13-year-old girl with anaesthesia, rapes her: The dreadful and horrific case of a 13-year-old girl’s rape has come to light in Anjar town of Kutch district where the minor was rape and sexually assaulted post being injected some anaesthesia.

The alleged person of the crime, who has been arrested, was her 16-year-old friend who was working in a medical store in very same city. On the 17th June, The girl was raped, but she was in no position to narrate the horrific story to her parents due to massive bad impact of the injection that left her anesthetized down the waist.

But on the fateful night of the last 21st June, she has narrated everything to her parents. The family is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry work.

AS per the case details, the rape survivor had befriended the boy via her distant cousin sister, who also allegedly helped the boy to frame the crime reportedly.

On Monday morning, her distant cousin asked the girl to joined her in her house instead of going to school. The accused boy was already presented there.

Here, he allegedly injected the girl with some local anaesthesia. Due to the impact of the injection, her body below the waist got severely numb and post that the boy raped her. The boy then left her on the roadside.

In the meantime, her family members got tensed after seeing her school uniform at home.

Though, while searching for her, they shocked to see their daughter struggling to walk on the road while trying to reach home.

Bharatsinh Parmar, Anjar police inspector told TOI: “The girl is still suffering from seizures and is under treatment in the government hospital. We have arrested the boy as well as her distant cousin sister. When family members found her on road, she had a mobile phone. Till then, they had no idea that she was using a cell phone. We are investigating the case with the help of doctors”.