Gulberg Society Massacre Case Court 24 Convicted, 36 let Off In 2002 Gujarat Riots

Gulberg Society Massacre Case Court 24 Convicted, 36 let Off In 2002 Gujarat Riots :- It is always seen that court delivers and took too much to time to give the final verdict in some case in our country. We all have heard about the mob attacked the Gulbarg society. This incident happened in Ahmedabad state.


69 peoples died in this massacre incident. Today a special court will give verdict today. According to a report, 62 peoples were accused in the case, and a decision will likely come today. A BJP sitting corporators is also accused in this case.

Well, let’s go the flashback of this case. In 2002, a Hindu mob attacked the Gulbarg Society, and more than 60 peoples have died in this incident. Supreme Court ordered Special Investigation to re-investigate on this matter.

2002 Gujarat Riots Gulberg Society Massacre Case

It is said that around 20,000 people attacked at Gulbarg Society where most of the Muslims were lived. The Hindu mob attacked the former Congress lawmaker Ehsan Jafri.

He died in this riot. Hindu mob attacked 29 bungalows and ten apartment buildings of Muslim housing a day after the “Godhara Kaand”. 59 peoples were killed in this incident.

Ehsan Jafri had dragged out by Hindu mob and burnt to death along with his family members. Before the attack, Ehsan Jafri called senior officials of police and senior politicians for help, but his phone was unanswered.

So it is suspected that everything was planned, and some politicians supported the accused. But now the victims relatives and families are waiting for a long time for an ultimate justice in this case.

The victims of this riot are demanding for stringent punishment for the accused. Mr. Jafri’s wife said that she lost her husband and quest for justice. She added that the perpetrators have to go the gallows.

She is waiting for a final verdict, and it is likely to deliver today by a special court today. Get much more news and stay tuned with us.