Gurgaon: Couple murdered, their nieces gang-raped in night of horror

GURGAON: On Wednesday, in Mewat, a farmer and his wife were beaten to death and his two nieces allegedly gang-raped by a gang of armed men wearing masks who tortured the rest of the family for four hours in their house on a farmland. The six others are being treated in hospital.


Police are probing the modus operandi of gangs that operate in the area based on statements from the family that two out of 6 men were dressed only in undergarments while the rest were fully clothed.

It had a chilling similarity with the Bulandhahahr gang rapes with a gang of robbers accused of dragging a woman and her daughter out of a car traveling on a national highway and raped them in the nearby field.

The police said that when it was attacked, the whole family was sleeping, the women inside the room and the men on charpoys outside the house. The murdered farmer was 40 years old and shared the place with his family and his brother.

We cannot tell the name of victims because the investigation involves a serious sexual assault charge.

22 years old rape survivor filed a complaint and in a statement she said that when they heard screams, the women rushed outside the room. They snatched our dupattas, tied the men to the cots and beat everybody with sticks and rods. They were armed with country-made pistols. Then, they attacked her and her minor sister. They raped us and threatened to kill everybody.

According to the complaint that the assault could have continued longer had one of the family members not managed to escape and reach a tube well about 1 KM away to alert his. When they sensed villagers coming, they locked the family inside the room and left around 3 am.

The farmer 40 years old and his wife died in hospital. Their two teenaged sons are out of danger. A FIR was filed under sections 376 D(Gang rape), 460(trespass and attack), 459 (grievous hurt) of IPC and the POCSO Act.
SHO of Tauru police station – Inspector Jai Prakash said that It appears to be gang-rape and murder during a robbery.