Gurgaon Latest News: Robbed at gunpoint, Two Women Fight Off Rape Attempt

Gurgaon Latest News: Robbed at gunpoint, Two Women Fight Off Rape Attempt :- Gurgaon : A taxi driver and his companion were captured on Saturday after they burglarized and endeavored to assault two ladies who had enlisted their taxicab to return home in Delhi. Regardless of being debilitated at gunpoint, the Bravehearts figured out how to thwart the assault endeavor.


Showing model valor, they set up a battle and figured out how to escape when open accumulated after the auto hit a divider. The survivors function as security gatekeepers at an occasion administration organization. One of them is a hitched lady with two children, while the other is single. They both live in Delhi’s Dakshinpuri.

Also, The denounced have been distinguished as taxi driver Vikas (25), the inhabitant of Firoz Gandhi Colony in Gurgaon, also his companion Pawan (27), a local of Bahadurgarh who was living in old Gurgaon.

As indicated by the ladies, the driver, Vikas, was driving gradually, when they requesting that he drive quick, he told he was searching for more traveler. Be that as it may, and after some time.

While the Vikas ceased the auto at a secluded spot close to the Rapid Metro station in Sikanderpur and his companion Pawan moved to the center line where the ladies were perched on the appearance of hunting down something. Pawan then addressed of the ladies and slapped the other when she challenged his revolting demonstration.

He hauled out a firearm and requesting that they hand over their things to him. The ladies said they were conveying their compensations for the month and gave it over to the criminal.

He began grabbing and attacking them, in spite of their challenges, while Vikas started to drive gradually once more. Before long, the more youthful of the two ladies utilized her nearness on the brain and tossed herself at the driver and moved the directing wheel.

Which tossed the auto of adjusting, hitting a divider. That is the point at which the ladies figured out how to escape the auto and get the consideration of bystanders. While Vikas figured out how to escape, the group seized Pawan and turned him over to the police. Later, Vikas was seized by the police as well.