Gurgaon shooting: Judge’s son declared ‘brain dead’

Gurgaon shooting: Judge’s son declared ‘brain dead’: On Saturday afternoon an awful and shocking incident took place near Arcadia in Sector 49, Gurgaon, where the wife (Ritu Garg) and son (Dhruv) of the additional sessions judge (Krishan Kant) were shot by a gunman around 3:30 pm in front of the whole crowd in a busy market.

Gurugram judge’s son declared brain dead

Well the shocking part is, that the wife and the son of the judge were not killed by any ordinary gunman but by their own personal security officer, Mahipal Singh.

According to reports this is what happened that day;

Around 3:30 pm on Saturday afternoon Ritu Garg(38)and her 18-year-old son Dhruv were in the market for shopping, suddenly their personal security officer Mahipal Singh(32) shot Ritu Garg on her chest and then he shot Dhurv on his head from a close range. After shooting Dhruv, he also tried to drag him inside the car but when unable to do so, he left them on the road and drove away in the same car. He was arrested from Faridabad a little while later.

They both were hospitalized but the wife of the judge couldn’t hold longer and succumbed to death in the hospital on Sunday, the very next day after she was shot. And her 18 year old son is on the life support system but has been declared “brain dead” by the medical officers of the Gurgaon civil hospital.

This medical case is handed over to the regional medical officer Pawan Chaudhary and he is being assisted by a panel of three specialist doctors. Later after Ritu’s death Mr. Chaudhary told the press that the reason for Ritu’s death was excessive bleeding and they found two gunshot wounds on the right and the middle of the chest.  And about son (Dhruv) he said that he was closely shot on his head which caused serious internal damages “he has been put on life support system“ and declared his condition ‘brain dead’. He is still critical.

Judge Krishan Kant said that after shooting his wife and son, Mahipal called him and told him about the incident on the phone. He also made two another calls to tell about his crime, including his mother.

Mahipal Singh belongs from Mahendragarh in Haryana. He has two children and his wife is a teacher. He had been posted with the judge for past two years.

Special investigation team has been set up to solve the Gurgaon shooting case. The accused ‘Mahipal Singh’ is in four day custody and has not disclosed any motive yet. Earlier it was assumed that due to ‘fight with wife’ and ‘not getting leaves’ might be one of the reasons for his action but now police have denied earlier probable reasons. A senior police officer said “he becomes furious while interrogating and is frequently changing his statements, thus we are not in any conclusion yet but we got to know that he was depressed due to family problems.”

One of the investigating team officer said that Mahipal was not happy with the behaviour of the judge’s family members. On Saturday, judge’s wife also scolded him inside the car while going to shopping so this might have increased his hatred against the family and made him take this criminal action.

Mahipal Singh has not given any stable statement and the reason behind the crime is still unknown but the special team investigation is still going on to solve this case.