Gurugram: Father raped his Daughter for 6 Months & tell her its Normal

Gurugram: Father raped his Daughter for 6 Months & tell her its Normal : Well, reports are coming that a 37-Year-Old Man was arrested on Friday for raping his minor daughter repeatedly for last six months. Reports are coming that the family used to live in a factory where the accused used to works and lives and only there he did rap the victim.

Even the reports are coming that the accused had allegedly manipulated his 13-year-old into believing that it was normal for a father to have physical relations with his daughter.

Also, the sources are saying that the father who is an accused made her victim daughter believe that, she should not get unduly worried about this; the police reports are confirming it.  Now you all should know that the accused used to works as a laborer in a factory in Pataudi, and lives with his second wife and four children, including the victim, who is from a first marriage, in the factory.

Inspector Poonam Singh Said, “The man was arrested on Friday night at 10 pm. He was questioned in detail about the matter, but he seems to have no regret or guilt. He behaved normally and what is shocking is that he had manipulated the girl into believing that such sexual abuse happens in every house.” Also, the reports are coming that during the questioning it was revealed that the accused had been raping the girl for last six months.

Also, the police said that they got to know about this crime when the girl had complained to her mother, a domestic help, but she did not believe her. Also, she didn’t even refuse it and one day she decided to return home early to check whether the girl’s accusation had some substance then she found out that her husband abusing the minor girl and she reported that to the police.