Guy caught staring at Taylor Swift, Internet reacts with hilarious memes

Guy caught staring at Taylor Swift, Internet reacts with hilarious memes :- After she returned from Australia and Rhode Island holiday with boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, the ‘Bad Blood’ Grammy winner was captured leaving the gym in New York on Friday. The lady was donned in a wine crop top over black yoga pants, the highest paid singer showed off her sexiest abs.


Although Ms. Swift did a perfect walk for the pictures and it was an alien person following the lady made the pictures go viral over the internet.

Usually, if anyone like us as in general passer-by and casually get captured in the same frame as the lady, you’d be overlooked gently as she seizes everybody’s attention and grabs the eyeballs. But this occurrence is unusual as the person, who was found staring at Taylor as she walked out of the gym, became a motivation for the people to show off their intelligent creativity through memes.

The deep look on that person’s face was all that his creativity needed as they reacted back soon with funny memes on the photo bomber.

The drift of getting up with these witty pictures began after a Reddit user I_AM_ALWAYS_ANGRY gave a dare openly to all the users on the Internet to get their own photoshopped picture of the former and display their crafty mind through memes.

Here are some of the best memes from the challenge

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