Saint George’s Day 2019 Quotes, Flag, Parade, Wishes, Facts, Images & Pictures

Saint George’s Day 2019 Quotes, Flag, Parade, Wishes, Facts, Images & Pictures: Saint George’s Day, is celebrated every year on April 23 and it is also known as the Feast of Saint George. It is the feast day of Saint George and it is celebrated by numerous Christian Churches as well as by the several countries, kingdoms and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint comprising England, Catalonia and Aragon. St Georges Day Quotes

Happy Saint George’s Day 2019

This year in 2019, Saint George’s Day is going to be celebrated on 23 April 2019, Tuesday. This is the traditionally accepted date of the saint’s death in the Diocletianic Persecution of AD 303. For those Eastern Orthodox Churches which use the Julian calendar, this date presently falls on 6 May of the Gregorian calendar. Back in the 19th century, the day was celebrated on 5 May.

The day is observed by Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran Churches, Anglican Communion, Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Church and Nations of which Saint George is the patron saint. It is a Feast day and a national day of England and Aragon. On this day various church services are observed.


Send beautiful Happy St George’s Day wishes to your family and friends.

1). Today is the day of celebrations and engaging in the feast. Let us take pride in calling ourselves Englishmen who always stood by their beliefs. Wishing you a very Happy St. George’s Day!!!
2). Let us celebrate the Monday of Bright Week with utmost enthusiasm and fun and remember St. George. Sending my love and wishes to you on the occasion of St. George’s Day.
3). Let us take inspiration from St. George and imbibe the goodness he had in him. Let us all remember him and celebrate this day in his honor. Happy St. George’s Day.

4). He is always there with us, blessing us, guiding us and showering his love on us. Let us thank him and pray to him for all this love. Best wishes on St. George’s Day to you.

5). An inspirational Roman soldier who lost his head as he denied ditching his Christian beliefs is someone who would always motivate us for following our faith for all our heart and soul. Warm wishes to you on St. George’s Day.
6). We have known this Saint as a wandered who roamed in the countryside of England. Who left his home, who meet new faces, who made new friends. We know him as the man of conduct. Let us follow his footsteps. Wishing you a very Happy St. George’s Day.
7). George’s Day is not only a day to enjoy the feast and the celebrations but it is also the day to remember the Roman soldier who chose death over ditching his faith in Christianity. Sending warm greetings to you and your loved ones.       Happy St George’s Day.
8). We know him as a soldier, we know him as a symbol of English bravery and chivalry, we know him as inspiration….. Let us remember and take inspiration from St. George’s on this occasion. Warm wishes to you on St George’s Day.
9). On this day, remember that you are an Englishman. Be proud of yourself and on the sacrifices made by Him. Wishing you and your family a Happy St. George’s Day 2018.
10). Today is the day to remember that we are all Englishmen and we are proud to be born as one. Let us remember St. George and celebrate this day with happiness. Happy St. George’s Day.

What St George’s Day traditions?

In the past, an old-style custom on Saint George’s Day was to wear a red rose in your lapel, but nowadays not many people perform this practice anymore. Most popular customs comprises of flying the Saint George’s Cross flag, with English pubs frequently garlanded with them.

On Saint George’s Day, in cathedrals and churches as well as in chapels it is common for the hymn Jerusalem to be sung. People celebrate the day with everything relating English customs – comprising morris dancing and fetes.

The odd Punch & Judy show is also common and can be seen and there are also town crier competitions. Many places all over the England also host a feast with traditional fare and a number of places hold theatre events, jousting and re-enactments.


He wandered from home, far and wide,
Across the English countryside;
Meeting people, and making new friends,
His gentlemanly conduct knew no ends.

Happy St George’s Day, Darling This is not a day to moan But today can you not slay the dragon Just for once, leave me, Mum, alone Jon Bratton

George stood her aside, and drew his blade,
Retraced the footsteps, that she’d made.
Ahead, he encountered a scaley giant,
With nostrils flared, it stood defiantly.

Facts about St George

George would likely have been a soldier somewhere in the eastern Roman Empire, possibly in what is Turkey at the present.

St George name means ‘earth-worker’ which in simple term means farmer – and his feast day of 23 April is in the spring, when crops are beginning to mature. Many people all over European history have prayed to St George for a good produce.

The initial legend that features St George saving a princess from a dragon that dated to the 11th century. It may possibly have started merely as a manner to describe icons of military saints killing dragons, signifying the victory of good over evil.

Happy St Georges Day Images

Saint George’s Day is celebrated every year on 23 April, 24 April, 6 May and 23 November as per to the different calendars.

He is the patron saint of several countries such as Ethiopia, Georgia and Portugal, and cities such as Freiburg, Moscow and Beirut. George was seen as a particularly influential intercessor, and the dragon story has a universal appeal.