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Happy Uttarayan 2020 Quotes Wishes Sms Messages Whatsapp Status Dp Images :- So the popular festival Uttarayan 2020  now comes again to bring the dozen of happiness and in this time if you visit Gujarat then you will see kites in the sky from before dawn to after dusk. From young kids to elders, couples to bachelor’s, families to friends, everyone just enjoys the festival of Uttarayan in order to say thanks to the god.

Uttarayan Wishes Whatsapp Status Quotes

In Gujarat the festival Uttarayan start in the first month of the year than cities like Ahmedabad whose skies are dotted with kites of all shapes, colours and sizes. The festive celebrations can be feeling with the cool breeze and the sight of colourful kites in the sky warms the cockles of your heart. The festival of Uttarayan 2020 also called the International Kite Festival 2020 is which celebrates in Gujarat.


Tan Mein Masti,
Maan Mein Umang,
Chalo Akash Mein Dale Rang,
Ho Jaye Sab Sang-sang,
Udayye Patang!

Wishing You A Very Happy Lohri And Makar
Sakranti As Well.
May This Harvest Season Bring You Prosperity
And Help You To Fly High Like A Kite
Let Us Celebrate Together.

Mithi Bole, Mithi Zubaan,
Makar Sankranti Ka Yehi Hai Paigaam,
Take Sweet, Talk Sweet, Be Sweet..
Haapy Makar Sankrnti..!’

Bajare ki roti, nimbu ka achar,
suraj ki kirne, chand ki chandani
aur apno ka pyaar. Har jeevan ho khushal

I Wish U a Very
!”!__!”! APPY
!”!__!”! APPY
!”!__!”! APPY
Makar Sakranti ….. You & Your Family

पत्नी:मकर संक्रांति आ रही है कुछ आइडिया दो,
अबकि बार क्या बाँटू ?
पति: ऐसा करो,
अपनी 14सहेलियों को मेरा मोबाइल नम्बर बाँट दो
Ha…Ha.. Loveusms.in

With Great Devotion,
Fervor and Gaiety,
With Rays of Joy and Hope,
Wish You and Your Family,

May The Sun God Shower His WARMTH
On This Happy Day Of PONGAL
On This Joyous Day Of PONGAL.

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The state stay excited for the festival throughout the year. The term Uttarayan comes from the Hindu calendar where it stands for the end of winter and it also brings the new season summer. The festival is celebrated as Makar Sankranti in north India and Pongal in the south. However, in Gujarat, termed this festival as Uttarayan which is the majestic kite festival for the world, this is also called International Kite Festival has been held in Ahmedabad since 1989 and this celebration started from January 8 to January 14 (the day of Makar Sankranti).

During this period, the glimpses Sabarmati river having in Ahmedabad is just marvellous and festive for an eye to see it.

The origins of the kite festival is still unknown for us but Uttarayan has always been considered a special day as it indicates the end of winter. But it is believed that the practice of flying kites can be credited to the Muslims who arrived in India from Persia. As years passed, the kite-flying became popular and a reason for celebration in form of Uttarayan. Another popular belief is that kite-flying came to India via Buddhist pilgrims who came to India from China in search of sacred texts. It is crystal clear that the practice of kite flying is going on in India from 1,000 years ago, and various classic miniature paintings of typical scenes of Gujrat showcased the flying kite’s practices. Gujarat is located at the westernmost edge of India where Muslim and Hindu cultures blended together as well as merged in several aspects.

So, now Ahmedabad is full on celebrations mode of the festival Uttarayan from January 14 to spread happiness only.