Hardik Patel: Fake or real Sex Video clip is getting viral on Internet!

Hardik Patel: Fake or real Sex Video clip is getting viral on Internet!: -Well, you all may know that Gujarat’s political leader Hardik Patel is going viral for very long time but this time the reason is not political. Yes! We are sure that you all are going to get surprised after hearing the reason for getting viral. Some of you may know that a video clip of Patidar leader Hardik Patel in a compromising position with an unidentified woman in a hotel surfaced online on Monday and after that, the video clip is getting very viral on all type of social media as well as real media. You can say that this could be the tragic things for the Patidar leader Hardik Patel because elections are on the head.

Reports are saying that Hardik is claiming that the video is morphed and it was a cheesy trick of BJP leaders so they can hit his goodwill in between Gujarat people. Also, the reports are saying that this is surely going to affect the Gujarat Assembly elections 2017, for sure. Also, Patel added that this is “messy governmental issues” to insult him and he added that this nothing but a dirty politics by BJP leaders. Also, you all may know that Patel already confirmed a week ago that BJP going to release a “Sex Video” of him to just disrespect him.

Now, if we talk about the “CD” then we can say that on Monday a local Gujarati news channel broadcast described the “CD” and said that, it is a Hardik Patel, who is age 24 in the CD. Overall, still, we can’t say that what is real because in the “CD” Hardik or his lookalike is looking quite like him. Also, the “CD” is really disrespectful and getting very viral on the Internet. You can see that a woman is also seen taking talking on a phone call while Hardik is walking around the bed, and he is trying to find out the switch to turn off the lights of the room. The video ends with Hardik Patel switching off the lights even as a night lamp is still on.

Overall, we aren’t sure that the guy who is in Video is Hardik or his lookalike; also we don’t know that it is fake or real and we are still not confirmed about anything. We can only say that this is one of the most disrespectful things ever for the Hardik and if he isn’t in the video then he should take a serious legal action against it.