Hardik Patel gets two years jail in 2015 patidar riots case

Hardik Patel gets two years jail in 2015 patidar riots case: Hardik Patel, the Patidar leader, has been sentenced by a Gujarat court to two years jail and fined Rs 50,000 because of his allegedly and reportedly involved in the riots case of 2015.

Hardik, along with two of his aides, Lalji Patel and A K Patel, has been found guilty of vandalizing a BJP MLA’s office in Visnagar.

though, the three have been granted bail. at the forefront of the court verdict, Patel, in a video message posted on his official page of the Facebook account in which he appealed to his supporters to remain calm in a case which is going against him.

As per reports, a group of people around 3000 to 5000 people vandalized BJP MLA Rushikesh Patel’s office at the tenure of the patidars reservation protests, In 2015.

A total of 17 people, including Hardik, were charged with arson, rioting, damage to property and unlawful assembly. The other 14 accused were let off by the court because of the lack of enough evidence against them.

Hardik, was arrested but eventually released on bail, was barred by the court from entering Mehsana district in connection with this case. The protests demanding reservation for patidars in government jobs and educational institutions had turned violent, in 2015 which has resulted in the killing of the 14 people in the police firing.

In the last month, Hardik Patel declared that he would sit on an indefinite fast from this 25th August in an effort to revive the reservation demand for patidars.

“Reservation is our priority and we will continue to fight for it….This is our last fight. Either I will give my life or we will get the reservation. I need your support for this. The fight has come to the last phase… Reservation is our primary issue and we will continue to fight for it,” Hardik said in a video message.