Harika aims to break into top-3 after a heartbreaking defeat

Harika aims to break into top-3 after a heartbreaking defeat :- Harika Dronavalli tells about her classy form last year, winning a 3rd huge world championship bronze medal this month.

The report says -She is now more prepared and focussed on breaking into the top three in the world rankings.

This is what she exactly said- “I’m so much happy today, I can’t even express my feelings. It’s huge, it’s memorable. I’m ready for the next.”

The 26-year-old became World No. 5 and made history last year. Fans calling it the best ranking before her win at Women’s Grand Prix Series in China.

Harika said- “My plan for the year is to better my rating and enter the top three. So to achieve it, I have to train insanely. I keep learning and moving forward. I am having few foreign trainers. I try to keep myself mentally and physically relaxed.”

She killed it and finished third after an outstanding defeat against Zhongyi in a semifinal tie-break in Tehran. The Grand Master reveals that- “training abroad benefits her, as there are few distractions.”

“Focus is better when training abroad. As there can be too many distractions while training at home like tv or society’s indiscipline. I prefer abroad and I love to travel abroad alone.”

Keeping aside from winning top women’s player awards in Hungary last year, Harika’s path to success has also seen her beat the likes of World top Hou Yifan of Chinky china.

Harika- “It was very interesting and great This was my third bronze medal at this level, the feeling and experience were extremely different. I am happy with it and all the knowledge I consumed.”