Harley-Davidson is about to Launch an Electric Motorcycle in 18 months, Maybe Sooner!

Harley-Davidson is about to Launch an Electric Motorcycle in 18 months, Images: – Well, if you are a bike lover then you all may know the name of Harley-Davidson which is one of the most amazing and interesting bike ever. On January 30, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson company announced increased investment in electric motorcycle technology and a ramped up launch schedule for its first production electric ride. Now, the company is looking quite serious about this whole issue and they are working quite hard for it.

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Reports are coming that there’s no word on the motorcycle’s name, style, battery size, or driving range per charge, but the new motorcycle is targeted to launch within 18 months. Also, the CEO was looking quite confident and he said that the company could work in a positive way and can launch this new model on the market really soon. Overall, the whole exact details are about to come out soon but we are expecting that it will come out. New Upcoming Bikes in India 2018

Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson took the tour in 2014 to gather customer reaction. Last year Harley announced a 2021 launch for its first electric motorcycle, but this week’s announcement moves up the schedule. The company is looking quite interesting about this whole issue and they are working fast on their work. The riding position and appearance were similar to current naked sports bikes. Top 10 Bikes To Watch Out in Auto Expo 2018

harley_davidson Electric Motorcycle

Overall, all other details about the bike aren’t out and we aren’t expecting that the bike will come up with current features as supposed too. The new Harleys pleased many, though, including subsequent reviewers, with an expanded and re-designed Softtail family that added several orphaned Dyna models on improved chassis and suspensions for better ride, handling, and performance.

The electric motorcycle news may have softened the blow for investors who read the H-D fourth quarter and full-year 2017 financial results. It’s no secret the motorcycle industry is slipping worldwide. Also, the reports are coming that the company is looking quite good and made roughly $520 million on almost $5 billion in sales in 2017.